The stuff that I think you should know – Introduction

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I started this blog because I’m a dreamer. I still believe that a world of lasting peace, freedom, and happiness may come to exist. A free body without a free mind is just a slave with different shackles and different cages. The result of this modern-day slavery translates into our world which is a twisted caricature of what it should be, that place of peace, freedom and happiness.

It’s common sense that there are social contracts, that some freedoms must be renounced to in order to keep and protect most of the remaining, this is what makes or breaks a society, the compromise between the freedoms you give up and the freedoms you keep and protect. This compromise can only be optimal as long as most of the deciding parties in a society share many of the same core values and know how to think clearly enough to decide for the best courses of action to overcome the barriers to these values.

I believe that it’s inevitable that humankind will reach this goal of happiness as a natural consequence of the fact that most individuals seek to improve their own lives, which passes by improving the lives of their loved ones, and so on, in other words, improving the lives of everyone will improve your own, we’re all connected on an emotional level primarily due to our social nature and our ability to empathize. Maybe I’m sounding too prophetic and being an overly optimistic sentimentalist but I’d rather believe this until I die as it would be painful to carry on living if I were to not believe it.

The stuff that I think you should know is a series of articles where I took upon myself to explain, briefly and from a practical standpoint, certain concepts that are immensely useful for rationality and that aim to help you make better decisions.


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